About PennTecQ

The perfect part – delivered every time

PennTecQ’s dedication to your complete satisfaction is the driving force behind everything we accomplished.

To maintain compliance with your specifications; there is no variance from your material list or substitutions of content. each member of the production team knows how to build your part, what it will be used for and how to ensure it is correct. Workstations and assembly modules are equipped with verification fixtures and gauges to check fit and alignment. Finished assemblies are also subject to tensile testing to check weld and material specifications. CMM is used extensively to compare the part, the print, and the automotive math data. Then everything is correlated to car body position. Our CMM lab also gives us the ability to perform reverse engineering when necessary to assist you with data reconstruction.

PennTecQ’s best system to assure perfection is the talent and abilities of each of our associates. They are the Quality System and they are dedicated to providing you with perfection. After every check and inspection is complete, your parts are still subject to the best critical eye of our associates who are always looking to make the best parts even better for you.

It is this dedication to perfection that keeps:

PennTecQ growing at the speed of excellence.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Take advantage of our expertise.

We are able to provide our customers the highest quality products and personalized service largely because of our dedication to technological innovation.

  • Roll Forming equipment coupled with in-line bending capabilities.
  • State-of-the-art computerized positioning systems that bend, notch form and weld assemblies with micro-precision tolerances and permit each piece to be serialized and tracked by time and date of manufacture.
  •  CAD/CAM manufacturing systems tie the tooling design and verification to cat body positioning, guaranteeing exact fit.
  • In-house stamping and the utilization of progressive dies to assure productivity and precision.
  • Surface finishing with computerized wet spray top coating, e-coating or precision applied laminate finishes to ensure the best appearance available.

These processes compliment the individual detail assembly stations that are utilized throughout our production facility. By utilizing our in-house capabilities to help design new parts, PennTecQ can help meet the needs of and to keep up with your model changes.


Working with OEMs and suppliers. PenntecQ has a reputation for producing components that exceed exacting World-Class standards. We work with a variety of metals and polymers to produce assemblies that match the needs of the the application.

PennTecQ’s fabrication capabilities encompass stamping, roll forming, projection and spot welding, 3-D stretch benders, CNC bending, cutting, notching and piercing, wet spray top coating, specialty fabrication assembly and hand detailing – an area where PennTecQ’s attention to detail makes a substantial difference.

Equally as important as what we do is how we do it.

All tooling and fixtures at the PennTecQ facility are designed to achieve “fool-proof” production. Associates are trained to achieve this goal by carefully following programmed and guided procedures that eliminate chances for error, resulting in parts that “can’t be made anyway but right.” What we deliver to the customer is a complete part ready for assembly. It is built and certified to meet exact specifications.

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