Working with OEMs and suppliers. PenntecQ has a reputation for producing components that exceed exacting World-Class standards. We work with a variety of metals and polymers to produce assemblies that match the needs of the the application.

PennTecQ’s fabrication capabilities encompass stamping, roll forming, projection and spot welding, 3-D stretch benders, CNC bending, cutting, notching and piercing, wet spray top coating, specialty fabrication assembly and hand detailing – an area where PennTecQ’s attention to detail makes a substantial difference.

Equally as important as what we do is how we do it.

All tooling and fixtures at the PennTecQ facility are designed to achieve “fool-proof” production. Associates are trained to achieve this goal by carefully following programmed and guided procedures that eliminate chances for error, resulting in parts that “can’t be made anyway but right.” What we deliver to the customer is a complete part ready for assembly. It is built and certified to meet exact specifications.