PennTecQ’s dedication to your complete satisfaction is the driving force behind everything we accomplished.

To maintain compliance with your specifications; there is no variance from your material list or substitutions of content. each member of the production team knows how to build your part, what it will be used for and how to ensure it is correct. Workstations and assembly modules are equipped with verification fixtures and gauges to check fit and alignment. Finished assemblies are also subject to tensile testing to check weld and material specifications. CMM is used extensively to compare the part, the print, and the automotive math data. Then everything is correlated to car body position. Our CMM lab also gives us the ability to perform reverse engineering when necessary to assist you with data reconstruction.

PennTecQ’s best system to assure perfection is the talent and abilities of each of our associates. They are the Quality System and they are dedicated to providing you with perfection. After every check and inspection is complete, your parts are still subject to the best critical eye of our associates who are always looking to make the best parts even better for you.

It is this dedication to perfection that keeps:

PennTecQ growing at the speed of excellence.